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The teaching ministry of Terrance and Krystle Shivers. We are bringing you the message of Light,Faith,and Healing Power

The Testimony Of Terrance Shivers

Terrance Shivers is a graduate from Rhema Bible College and an ordained member of Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI). He has preached the uncompromised word of God since the age of seventeen years old.

Humble Beginnings

However, Terrance wasn’t always a preacher. He never knew his earthly father growing up and his mother was heavily addicted to crack cocaine. He later began to sell drugs and joined a neighborhood gang from the age of 14-16. “Somebody interceded for me because it’s a miracle that I got saved when I did. No one in my family was born again.” At the age of sixteen, Terrance had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again in his grandmother’s basement. For several days, the Holy Spirit dealt with Terrance’s heart, convicting him of his need of a savior. “Many people told me that I would bust Hell wide open” said Terrance. “ But when God shines his light on you and shows you that you are lost and going to hell, it's different. You know it’s true and you have to do something about it.”

Baptized In The Holy Ghost

Although Terrance was born again, he eventually caved into his environment and in a fit of temper got into a fight which later led to gun fire. Terrance did discharge a firearm that day but was placed in jail for assault charges he didn’t commit and was eventually sent to serve over 8 years in prison. During his six months stay in the Saginaw county jail, Terrance had an intense hunger to read God’s word. This wasn’t just another typical jail house remorse and temporary spirituality. This was different. While reading in the Psalms, the power of God overshadowed Terrance and by the time he reached the 63rd psalm, Terrance was baptized in the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues. It was July 8th, 1994. Terrance was 17 years old.

Inspired Utterance

During this time Terrance had an urgency within him to share his testimony with fellow inmates in the county jail. Something strange would happen however as a fire from heaven would burn in his belly and more words would come out. Those words happened to be supernaturally accurate and lined up with whatever the person was going through or dealing with at that moment. One incident was when a man entered the 12-man cell as a new inmate with Terrance. “When I started to witness to him about Christ, I suddenly began to talk to him about unclean spirits that urge people to desire young children and how God’s power can deliver from demons. The man began to cry heavily and gave his life to Christ, then I prayed for him to be filled with the Holy Ghost and he was gloriously filled.” Later, it was revealed that the man was in there for child molestation.

Will You Go For Me?

Meanwhile the guys who had falsely accused Terrance would decide not to testify against him which would allow him to go home in six months, but God had other plans. “In a dream, I heard the voice of the Lord asking me if I would go to prison for Him. It took me three days to answer that question, but I told the Lord that I would do anything for him and that I would never tell him no.” After Terrance committed himself to sacrificial obedience to God, he had another dream in which fingers were pointing at him in court. Suddenly the guys who falsely accused him changed their minds and testified in court against him. Terrance never defended himself and was found guilty of three assault with intent charges. “I am convinced that if I didn’t go to prison, I would have died young.”

From Faith To faith

Terrance continued testifying of Jesus and getting others saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. After six months in the county Jail, he was finally escorted to prison to serve his sentence. “Although I didn’t do what they said I did, I still took responsibility for my actions that day. When those bars closed in my new prison cell, I began to cry out to God for wisdom to keep from making foolish decisions in my life that cost me so much.” God answered Terrance’s prayer in a peculiar way as he spent the rest of that night crying out to God for wisdom. The next day they opened my cell so that I could go use the telephone. “While talking to my mother on the phone, I noticed a magazine that was left in the phone booth. What got my attention about the magazine was the mean looking white man on the covered. He had some seriously penetrating eyes. I figured he was a preacher because the name of the magazine was "The Believers Voice of Victory". That preachers name was Kenneth Copeland.” Terrance had a testimony of adventures in faith already but had never heard anyone teach on the subject of faith itself. It was through that magazine that Terrance learned about faith and later became a partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Through Kenneth Copeland ministries, Terrance was introduced to the teachings of Kenneth E Hagin and read every book by Kenneth E Hagin that he could get his hands on.

Now Are You Abrahams Seed

Terrance continued to be used by God and later began to work for the prison Chaplin as a preacher to fellow inmates. At the age of 18 years old, he preached his first sermon in the pulpit. His message was Galatians 3:29 “and if you be Christ’s, then are you Abrahams seed and heirs according to the promise. Well, the Chaplin didn’t take to kindly to Terrance’s newfound teachings on faith and later began to attack the teachings. Terrance started holding his own meetings on the prison yard, preaching faith and seeing the manifestation of the power of God through healings, deliverance and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He was later transferred to another prison and was placed as the overseer of the services by the visiting church that recognized his calling and stepped to the side to let him do the preaching. That church even began to bring their own people to the services to hear and be healed.

Divine Visitation

At the age of 23, Terrance received a divine visitation from the Lord Jesus who then lay hands on him proclaiming, “I have called you as a prophet to the nations” Terrance struggled with the visitation from the Lord for years. Insecurity blocked him from imagining God using an inmate and later an ex-con. Who would receive him, he thought? But God got Terrance out of prison at the age of 25 and after marrying the love of his life Krystle Shivers, they became associate pastors

For seven years and senior pastors for three years. After waiting longer than he should have, Terrance and Krystle moved to Tulsa Oklahoma and fulfilled their dreams of going to Rhema Bible College. “God took me from nothing and turned my life around” Terrance would be 42 years old when the vision from Jesus to go to the nations would begin. It takes time, patience and spiritual growth, but if you keep on with God, he who calls you is faithful and he will do it 

1Thessalonians 5:24.

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