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An ongoing series of informational entries

Isiah Smith 


You chased the world with all of your heart

Let me be so bold to tell you something new

Stop; Go back to the start

To the one who foreknew you

You knew not love

But love knew you

Love resides in the heavens up above

Now within you waiting to breakthrough

Surrender your selfish ways

Lay them at the cross

Then look up at the stars and gaze

Thank God their is no love loss

You are amazing and unique creation by the Creator, God. The whole earth is filled with his Glory. Everyday he’s waiting on you. Waiting patiently for the moment you call upon his name and declare his goodness and his love! You are not your mistakes and your mistakes do not define you. Their is only one righteous and we take upon his righteousness.

Choose this day who you will serve.

Isiah Smith grew up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma where he attends his home Church named Harvest Church. Feeling led by God Isiah later moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to graduate from Rhema Bible College. Isiah wants to make the name of Christ known to the world by spreading the Gospel.  

Minister James King

Matthew 6:33 says "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" 

     In the faith circle and in just about every other circle in Christendom, it is preached to the saints and to the sinners alike that both are to meet the conditions above, so that all these things can be added unto him. I dare say that the four gospels were not written to the saints. The four gospels were written to the sinner, so that they might receive what Jesus said they would receive if they accepted Him. The epistles were written to the Church. The gospels were written for the church and the sinner alike, but they were written to the sinner. The believer uses the gospels in order to learn how to follow Christ example and in His steps. The believer should not see him or herself as the woman with the issue of blood, but rather the Christ who had virtue in Him to heal the woman with the issue of blood. To do what he would do if He were physically here. Let me explain, Matthew 6:33 tells the unregenerate man to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness first, and then He will always have a place to eat and sleep, and he will always have clothes to wear. God tells the believer "who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son" Colossians 1:13. He also tells His children that they are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, 2 Corinthians 5:21. He also says that Jesus is our righteousness, 1 Corinthians 1:30. There are many more scriptures to be named, but I just wanted you to see that when you sought Christ, you sought to enter into God's kingdom and you sought God's righteousness by faith and now that you are in the family of God: all things are added unto you.

James King 

Sherece Taylor

Free From Shame

Shame is a destructive tool by Satan to keep you from approaching God for forgiveness. It is presented as if it’s God’s voice correcting us when we sin; Although, its message is to destroy you- causing you to draw away from God into isolation. Slowly we begin to view Satan’s lies as truth and God’s word as a lie.

Satan tries to convince us that we are permanently damaged in God’s eyes.

What lies control you in shame and condemnation? (Write your own list activity)

“God tolerates me.”

“It’s too late for me.”

“I’m too messed up for God to love me.”

“Hopefully I can finally win God’s approval.”

“At any moment, God will strike me down.”

“If people truly knew the ‘real’ me, they won’t love me anymore.”

“I don’t trust myself enough to do anything right.”

“I’m a lost cause.”

“People would be better off when I’m gone.”

Satan’s words cannot affect us unless we choose to let it take root. It takes root when we meditate on his words in secret to plot ways to “fix” ourselves .

Have you ever said: “It’s not that I’m afraid to admit I sin, I’m afraid of being alone with my thoughts?” It’s because Satan’s words are holding you captive. Give them all to God and confess your weaknesses to God. Only then you can be saved from the lies of the enemy.

Romans 5:8-10 God’s love is not based on our good behavior- He loves us because we are His children! He chose to love us because we belong to Him long before the earth was created.

Jeremiah 29:11 His thoughts are constantly for your good! God is gentle and patient when we confess our darkest secrets before Him. God already knows your secret but He desires to repair the relationship with you.

Hebrews 4:14-15

Jesus is our High Priest, ready to hear us! Nothing can surprise Him. Confess our sins to Him and he will forgive and restore us back to the Father.

(Write down what secrets keep you captive and confess them to God. Believe that who the Son sets free is free indeed!!)

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