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Is there an American Dream for Christians?...

October 7, 2017

For my Argumentation and Persuasion class I had to respond to a class discussion. The topic for the class was about The American dream as Christians. This topic of discussion is something worth writing about so I’m writing about it…

The American Dream is something I always saw as a huge lifetime goal to reach if you wanted happiness. Without knowing it people everywhere are chasing this American Dream.

The question I ask today is Does the American Dream apply to Christians? It shouldn’t because as a Christian all your dreams should be at the feet of Jesus. Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.” Chasing the American Dream as a Christian looks a little something like that. Either you will serve God or Money (mammon). Sadly, this is what it all boils down to, but it is easier said than done. After all what we feel matters right?… As a Christian I found out that what I feel is right is not always right. In fact, what I felt was right has gotten me in trouble leaving me saying “okay God you win, what is your take on this situation?”

I learned that the American Dream isn’t the Kingdom dream. Jesus later said in verse 33 of Matthew 6 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” All what things? What we will eat, what we will drink, the clothes to wear, and whatever else is a part of the American Dream. That’s amazing! How awesome it is for a Christian to seek first the kingdom of God and all those things are added to them. I would much rather chase something God has to offer than waste my efforts on something that won’t fulfil me… It can be tough but we as Christians constantly have to surrender our will to the will of our Father who cares for us. (1 Peter 5:7) He won’t leave us out in the cold with no hope, in fact he can fulfil all those areas of life above and beyond.

I say to you today fellow brethren to trust in God with all you heart and lean not onto your own understanding. He has a better plan…

I love y’all

Britney Addison 

Jesus is your inheritance! 

 January 9, 2018

In today’s age we are taught, even from childhood, “the things we need”. I am not talking about our basic essentials that we use from day to day. For instance, we can see a commercial about some new boots or the latest phone and suddenly we cant go another moment without that new thing. We shouldn’t bring that same “Gimme” attitude in to the Kingdom. I know that’s bad English but you understand.

The Bible said in Psalm 16:5-6 Nlt “ Lord You alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!”

It’s time for us in the body of Christ to renew our minds to who we have and what the word says about us.

The message Version says “My choice is you, God, first and only. And now I find I’m your choice! You set me up with a house and yard. And then you made me your heir!

Make a commitment to yourself today that you will allow the blessing to overtake you.

Krystle Shivers

         Galatians 5:6  says" for in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor circumcision avails anything, but Faith working through Love.

    I want you to picture this. You have a brand-new car right off of the lot. You get the keys and get into the car. You put your seatbelt on, check your mirrors, and are very excited. Finally, you put the keys into the ignition and nothing happens. You realize you don't have any gas.   

    So you see, you took all of the necessary steps to drive your car, but you didn't put any gas in the car. Faith works the same way. You may read your word and meditate in it and hear preachers preach about faith in seminars and that is good, but you will not experience any fruit from those meetings without love. Love is the gasoline of faith.

  Years ago when I started studying 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 from the amplified bible, it really opened my eyes to the reality of the Love of God. What is love? How does it work? And most importantly, how do 

you apply it to every day life? I challenge you to read and meditate on this chapter and everywhere you see the word love put your name there so that it becomes a revelation to you.  God bless.

Krystle Shivers 

Follow God's Plan

July 3, 2017


      When God leads us, He always puts us in a place where He is THE SOURCE of everything we need. Many people panic if a situation is taken out of THEIR HANDS. They live in a state of strife. Strife is a condition that puts one into a mindset of survival. Even to the point of contention and whatever it takes to BE FIRST and SURVIVE. THEY STRIVE TO SURVIVE. Most times this comes from not truly knowing God. Think about it. Is their really a God who created all things and has all power and that made wonderful promises to us and sealed those promises in the blood of His Son Jesus Christ? Do you believe that? If so, why fear anything, ever? 

     You have to believe with your heart and not your head. If you want your heart to receive revelation, than you have to get serious about the word. You have to allow the word to be going into your ears and eyes day and night. Listen to cds all day and read the bible day and night. Turn off the television and seek God. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Terrance Shivers 


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